We are so excited to introduce our newest buyer’s agent, Brianna Lehman, to The Mucci Team. She’s been an agent for 5 years and has a ❤️ of gold ready to help our clients. We know you’re in great hands with this one. 

Which person in your life do you most admire? Why?
“My mom. No matter what life has thrown at her she always comes out of it with her head held high and ready for whatever curve ball comes next.”

What do you feel most proud of?
“My daughter. At only 4 she has so much love to give. She loves Jesus and truly believes in the idea that love is all we need. I hope she never loses that.”

If you won the lottery, what would you do?
“I would open an outreach center where everyone is welcome, no matter what walk of life or age. We have all needed help at some point, so I would love to be able to do that for others.”

What words of wisdom would you pass on to your childhood self?
“You can’t make everyone happy, so just focus on what you know is right.”

Why did you want to join The Mucci Team?
“Jen’s heart for outreach. Her genuine love for helping people. It was an instant connection. We are in a very competitive industry and the only way to truly succeed is to take the ‘you’ out of it. That’s what Jen does. I’m proud to be here.” 

Please help us wish her a warm welcome to The Mucci Team of Keller Williams Legacy Group Realty. ❤️

Brianna Lehman

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Photo by: Tolin Studios